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Band and Orchestra Rental Program

Rental Program


Instrument rentals at Music Go Round - St Paul are designed for students in school band and orchestra programs. We are committed to outfitting your student with the tools they need to succeed and grow as musicians!


***Prices are an average estimate, and individual prices will vary***


1/10-3/4 VIOLIN

  •  $10 monthly + optional $5 monthly maintenance and accessory package


  • $22 monthly including maintenance and adjustments


  • $22 monthly including maintenance and adjustments


  • $32monthly including maintenance and adjustments


  •  $22 monthly including maintenance and adjustments


  • $22 monthly including maintenance and adjustments


Be sure to check out our USED BAND INSTRUMENTS to see individual pricing and deals!



Step One: 


Please bring in all of the following items:

  • State ID
  • 1 Credit Card
  • 1 Credit/Debit Card

Step Two:

Read and sign our Rental Agreement Contract. One of our sales associates will be happy to answer any questions you have!


Step Three:

Take home your rental and start playing! 


What comes with a rental?

  • All necessary mouthpieces, bows, and cases are included. Additional accesories  are not included but are available for purchase in store. 

What if something breaks? 

  • Band instruments
    • Rental fees cover normal wear and tear mainenance. Adjustments will be performend in-house. 
  • Orchestra instruments
    • Rental may come with optional $5 warrenty package which includes:
      • One Bow Per Year
      • One string every three months
      • Adjustments

Is this a "Rent to Own" Program?

  • This is not a rent to own program, however the customer may purchase the instrument at any time and may receive credit for the previous two rental payments as stated in the rental contract. 


How do I return an Instrument?

  • Just bring it back and one of our employees will check it in!


Can I rent from out of state?

  •  Our rental program is only available to Twin Cities local residents. 


Any more questions? Call us at 651-695-9630